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Our expertise is unparalleled, our reputation hard-earned, our standards rigorous and our attention to detail acute. As featured in the Financial Times and BBC News: we’ll deliver the support you need to power up your business.

Our employers  comprise some of the UK’s best businesses in every sector imaginable - from tech, design and fashion to finance, law and property. What all our employers have in common is that they have chosen to work with us as their recruitment partner, because they trust us to deliver exceptional, ambitious people who will make a genuine difference to their businesses.



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At Sidekicks we provide the UKs top employers with exceptional support staff - from graduate office juniors and superb front of house people, to the best Personal Assistants in the UK.

Our client base is broad and varied, and we work across a number of key sectors, from Financial Services and Private Equity to Technology, Law, Real Estate and Family Offices. This means that we can bring insight and apply best practice to your business in relation to the UK market as a whole - not just your specific industry sector.



Sidekicks represents the brightest, most capable minds in London - often on an exclusive basis. Our network is of unusually high quality because we understand that a career in administrative support isn’t a fallback: it’s a niche, stimulating, tough and hugely rewarding profession.

We screen our candidates for attitude, aptitude and outlook just as much as experience. We proactively market map, and engage with both active and passive talent to find the people you really want – not just the ones that apply to job advertisements.



We’re conscious that we’re the first representative of your business that many potential employees will meet with, and we take this responsibility very seriously. As custodian of your brand and reputation in the market, we treat our candidates with the utmost respect, consideration and care.

Our candidates have each gone through a full competency based interview - not just a skills run through. Our standard referencing procedure covers five years’ work and one additional personal reference, whilst most recruiters will aim to reference the last two years’ of work only. Why do we take the extra time to do this? Because we get to know our talent thoroughly, we are only interested in the very best service and we’re here to minimise your risks.

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Our fees are transparent, clear and represent superb value for money. If you choose to recruit through Sidekicks, we charge a flat rate which is calculated as a percentage of the first year’s salary of your hire. 

Our fees are very competitive compared to traditional recruitment agencies, and unless we’ve pre-agreed a retained basis with you, there’s no upfront cost - you only pay us if we’re successful! We offer one of the most competitive guarantee periods in the market to ensure that you can hire with confidence.

The right person for the job often isn’t the most expensive, and it’s our job to save you money, thereby ensuring (we hope) that you return to us time and time again.